Chocolate Farm To Factory Tour

Chocolate Farm To Factory Tour

$1,300 per group
Max group size
5 people.

Tour Details


$1,300 per group


Full Day

Max group size

Max group size
5 people.
Suitable for all age groups

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation. Cancel anytime up to 48 hours before departure for a full refund.



What to bring

For optimal comfort in warm weather, we recommend wearing light and casual clothing that allows for breathability. Additionally, it’s best to choose comfortable footwear suitable for extended walks to ensure a pleasant experience.

Valid Till: December 31, 2024

Important Notes

Tour Overview

Our chocolate farm to factory tour is a unique and immersive experience that sets us apart from other chocolate tours. Here are a few things that make our tour special:

Farm-to-factory experience: You’ll get to see how cocoa is grown and harvested, and learn about the sustainable and ethical practices used in the farming operations. From there, you’ll visit the chocolate factory to witness the transformation of cocoa into chocolate.

Knowledgeable guides: Our guides are passionate and knowledgeable about chocolate and are committed to providing you with a fun and educational tour. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and share their expertise with you.

Delicious chocolate tastings: Of course, no chocolate tour would be complete without plenty of chocolate tastings! We offer tastings at every stage of the chocolate-making process, so you can experience the unique flavors and textures of cocoa beans, roasted cocoa nibs, and finished chocolate products.

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