Culture is like a footprint of society – each one is unique and brings out the identity of the society. Unearthing the history, the language and above all the people of a destination can be a rewarding experience of travel.

Dive back into history by exploring the various remote villages and cities across Ghana. Each of our cultural tours show off the customs, traditions, music, and cuisine, with opportunities to spend time with locals who will give you first-hand experience of their way of life.

Join our cultural tour to the Ashanti Region to experience the Magnificent Akwasidae festival which serves as a celebration of the Golden Stool and the remembrance and acknowledgement of past kings and noble feats.

Our Cultural Tours offer something different. The destinations are often unusual and unique showing you facets of the locals rarely experienced by other visitors. Don’t miss out on our tour to Nzulezu where we explore a village entirely made up of stilt and platforms overlooking Lake Tadani. The uniqueness and preserved value of this settlement earned its nomination as a UNESCO world heritage tourist site.

Get the chance to live like a local, eat fufu and spicy goat soup in our chop bars (local restaurants), connect with the local people while drinking palm wine (a tasty and refreshing sap from palm tree) or akpeteshie (distilled fermented palm wine) if you care for something stronger, have fun and also contribute to sustainable tourism while experiencing the rich heritage of Ghanaians through our hand-crafted Cultural Tours with other like-minded and open-minded people all year round.