Connect with Nature, discover the world around you and return home with a renewed sense of wonder.

Take a break from the pressures and hassles of life and be on an eco-therapy journey with Pacific Tours Ghana. Our Eco-tours combine engaging experiences and leisure designed specifically to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Come face-to-face with magnificent flora and fauna through our visits to the eco-parks, national parks and Natural reserves such as a visit to the Aburi Botanical Gardens which boasts of a unique and lush scenic setting, an abundance of various bird and butterfly species and a mixture of indigenous and exotic trees, while you relax and have a time of your life.

Have a feel of the beautiful Labadi beach while earthing through the sand or experiencing a horse ride as you observe and soak into the ocean waves hitting the shore.

You could also sunbathe at the Kuvuki Beach Resort which boasts of a magnificent sunrise and sunset.

Our Eco-tours offer you wildlife viewing facilities and adventure opportunities; a visit to the Mole National Park, Kakum National Park, Mount Afadja, etc.