Incentives and rewards are established strong motivational strategies for improved productivity and profitability. Aside from regular compensation, employees appreciate being rewarded substantially for their hard work, and knowing that there’s something which will further validate their contribution and work, further pushes them to become better.

Likewise, it can bring out their competitiveness — and in business organizations where performance is everything, creating a light, competitive environment can yield tons of advantages to the company. Over time, however, certain incentives or rewards lose their impact.

• Thus, travel can bring relaxation and enlightenment, so when employees return from their travel, they will be revitalized and have more fruitful experiences to draw inspiration from.
• Secondly, a group can build remarkable teamwork and benefit greatly from being placed in situations that present different challenges, thus, traveling to an unfamiliar destination together can easily bring about such challenges to boost a lasting team spirit.

Most of the time, tolerance for each other is tested and stronger relationships are formed. All these will prove to work to the advantage of your company in the future.

• Thirdly, group incentive travel can be provided mostly for the company’s benefit, particularly if the group will be tasked to explore a new market for your business. With more people evaluating the place and likely to form different sentiments about it, a more detailed assessment can be provided to your company.

• And lastly, group incentive travel can serve as an inspiration to other teams in the company to work even harder together, put away differences, and simply function as a completely unified group.

Invigorate your company through unique recognition, retention, and customer loyalty reward programs from Pacific Tours. With a customized rewards program, you’ll improve company performance, motivate employees, and encourage an enduring customer connection.

We utilize a planning approach that’s exclusive and proactive. The result is an effective and powerful incentive program that motivates and inspires your employees, as well as enhances the overall performance and morale for each member of your organization.

Incentive programs shouldn’t come with hassles and hoops to jump through! By partnering with Pacific Tours, your company will enjoy the following advantages:

• Planning within your budget and goals
• Complete flexibility – no set dates or destinations, we co-create.
• Expert planning partners who will handle every detail
• Generous payment terms
No matter what your company goals may be, the experts at Pacific Tours will tailor a program that suits your needs. Whether you seek to build customer loyalty, improve workplace wellness, or improve productivity, we invite you to experience how your company can reward, retain, and motivate your employees and clients through a customized incentive program from Pacific Tours.


South Africa

My trip to South Africa was great and smooth thanks to Pacific Tours. Our tour guide Cosmos is really the best . I enjoyed every bit of my trip from …Bungee jumping, city tour ,the game drive and the theme park.In all it was a 10/10 experience

vanderpuye s June 9, 2023

My South African Experience

It was amazing, everything was well planned and all the tours were right on time. Pacific kept in touch every step of the way and ensured that things went according to plan.

profdanny93 June 8, 2023

I entrusted Pacific Tours Ghana with my trip and tour to South Africa and it is safe to say that they didn’t disappoint me at all. Right from visa acquisition to ticketing and planning of the tour. Hotel accommodation and airport transfers. Everything went smoothly. What I loved most was the fact that they stayed up at night to ensure I had landed safely and checked in at my hotel.

Danny Kay TV June 7, 2023

The provide excellent Travel and Tour services.

Ebenezer Essibu January 4, 2021

One of the places I enjoyed the most when I visited Ghana. Very beautifully decorated place and they are absolutely one of the best when it comes to customer service. I enjoyed my time there and would recommend this place to anyone and everyone who visits

Victor Ukomuko February 26, 2019